Clases de inglés en Gijón

Teaching English in Gijon

I will be available to teach conversational English from mid-September 2020.

Brought up in Cambridge, England, I speak without any trace of a regional accent. Often referred to as ‘Queens English’, it does not mean that I speak like Queen Bee herself (Although, like her, I too am a dab hand at waving from inside my carriage!), far from it, it just means I am easy to understand.

My lessons are a good fit for intermediate and advanced students or anyone who wants to maintain their level. A willingness to engage in lively conversation is imperative. So, don’t turn up tongue-tied. Remember, you will never speak English, except on the basis of using words to communicate!

In the main, Spanish schooling is excellent and gives students a firm grasp of English grammar, but it’s often the case that after years of study, many are left struggling with the fundamentals of confident communication, that is pronunciation and sentence stress. In my lessons, I get students to look up words, repeat and exaggerate sentence intonation, search for synonyms and practice using them in different situation role plays, study BBC news videos, read tabloid papers and translate texts.

Learning any language is a big investment in time and energy and a student’s progress will always be a measure of their grit, enthusiasm and interest, and essentially the teacher’s role is to complement a student’s desire to continue studying.

English is a synthesis of two main influences that coexist in harmony, Anglo-Saxon and Latin. Although translating literally from Spanish to English works in many instances, it is an unreliable method to use in the long run as in so many situations meaning is contorted and lost in translation. Thus, in my classes, I look at where it is ok to translate literally and where Anglo-Saxon synonyms are more commonly used than Latin words. If you ask me, both are key to forming a deeper understanding of how English people typically express themselves. The bottom line is, that English cannot be mastered by grammar alone, you need to understand the jargon of its mother practicants.

So, there you have it, I have said my piece. If you would like to take a class or two without obligation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As a supplement to my many years of experience teaching conversational English, I also offer interview preparation, essay and dissertation editing, and website translation services.